DAYS Star Launches New Jewelry Line

Kristian Alfonso (Hope) is launching her new jewelry line, Believe, on The Shopping Channel in Canada on March 24. Be sure to tune in, beginning at 9 a.m., for your chance to see her new pieces, which will include diamonds and precious stones. Expect to find her signature fleur-de-lis and Maltese crosses, as well. "People kept asking if I was going to make my jewelry in diamonds, then I thought that it was so difficult for the Canadians to get Hope Faith Miracles that I decided to launch this in Canada and The Shopping Channel seemed like the perfect fit," explains the actress. "I actually started working on this line three years ago." There is an added bonus in each piece. "As my customers know, detailing is so important to me, so in designing these pieces, I wanted to make them a little bit different. On the hang tag of the bracelets and necklaces and on the inside of each band, there will be a ruby embedded. The ruby represents, for me, peace love and serenity."