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Details On GH’s Return To The Air With Original Episodes!

GH is making its triumphant return to the airwaves (with original episodes, that is) on August 3, after production resumed on July 22. Executive Producer Frank Valentini shared with Digest, “I am incredibly grateful to be back to set. I have missed my team and we have missed our fans. In returning to work, it was important to take every precaution in order to create a safe and smooth transition back to production. In addition to regular testing and distancing measures — we have hired a dedicated Health & Safety Manager to be on set to supervise all health and safety protocols and answer any questions as they arise. It’s important that every member of the cast and crew feel safe and confident.” Laura Wright (Carly) added, “I’m thrilled to be back. This is my family, this is my home — I’ve been on the show for 15 years so it was hard to be away. Frank and ABC have been taking the utmost care in making sure we have had a safe environment to return to. We are all being regularly tested and are continuing to do our part on and off set — being mindful to practice proper distancing and most importantly wear our masks when we’re not filming. It’s good to be back.”

In terms of storyline, here’s what to expect that first, hotly anticipated week!

On Monday, August 3, Nelle is shaken; Jax is impressed with Nina’s strength; Ned and Olivia clash; Valentin meets with Brook Lynn; and Portia has an uncomfortable encounter.

On Tuesday, August 4, Carly comes home to a distraught Sonny; Valentin and Martin strategize; Brook Lynn interrupts Ned; Monica is committed to a cause; and Nelle is confrontational.

On Wednesday, August 5, Sonny has a crisis of conscience; Valentin propositions Sam; Alexis gets a visit from an old friend; Willow and Michael grow closer; and Nelle demands to see Wiley.

On Thursday, August 6, Jordan confides in Jason; Maxie and Lucy agree on a decision about Deception; Sam and Carly bond over a common struggle; Curtis runs into Chase; and Cyrus meets with Brando.

On Friday, August 7, Sonny visits with Brando; Cyrus continues to manipulate Jordan; Finn and Portia bond over the relationships they have with their daughters; Maxie has seconds thoughts; and Anna defends Peter.

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