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Zach Tinker On Playing DAYS's Sonny

Zach Tinker (Fen, Y&R) admits he was surprised to discover he’d be play- ing a legacy character on DAYS: BEYOND SALEM. “Originally, in the breakdown I got from my agent, it was for a five-episode guest star as someone else, who was talking to Sonny in the scenes,” he recalls. “So, when I got the call, they were like, ‘So, it’s not for Sonny’s love interest, it’s for Sonny, and it’s for the spin-off series,’ and I was like, ‘Spin-off series?!’ and they told me about BEYOND SALEM, so I got more than I expected to get, and it was a very pleasant surprise.”

Tinker had no trepidation about taking over for Emmy-winner Freddie Smith. “I saw that Freddie released a thing on Instagram saying, ‘I’m not coming back to the role but this guy, Zach, is coming and I’m sure he’ll do a great job and good luck to him,’ and that made the transition feel a lot better,” the actor explains. “Someone passing a torch to you feels a lot better than feeling like you stole the torch, almost! So it was really nice to get his blessing, more or less, like, ‘Go kick some butt as Sonny and do your thing.’ ”

Tinker wouldn’t mind if he turned up on the network show, as well. “DAYS is such an escape and it’s so much fun to play a character that is not something you usually get to go in for,” he shares. “The crew is amazing, the cast is amazing. I would love to call them my family. Sonny is a very beloved character and I think I could do him justice, so yeah, I would love to.”

As for Y&R, where he recurs as Fen, Tinker adds, “They were my first family. That’s like my high school. I’m at college now and I’m meeting new friends at college but of course, I’d love to go back there. I love everyone at Y&R and I would love to come back for a few episodes and catch up with all them.