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Y&R's Outstanding Newcomers: Reylynn Caster And Jacob Aaron Gaines

Reylynn Caster (Faith)

What stands out most about your audition? “I did a screen test over Zoom, which was a whole new experience for me. I’m used to a huge room with a ton of executives sitting in it and for Y&R, I was on my laptop in my room. There were a bunch of people on the call but their cameras were hidden, so it felt like it was just me and who I was reading with. I do like going in person because there’s an energy that you can give off that no one call feel over the computer screen, but from a nerves standpoint, it was definitely easier on Zoom.”

How did you celebrate after getting hired by Y&R? “I celebrated by getting my hair dyed and going to wardrobe fittings. I was also turning 18 at the same time, so I celebrated winning my role along with my birthday dinner.

What surprised you the most about the production process of a soap? “Everything moves so incredibly fast. It wasn’t until I booked the show that I realized that we shoot an episode a day, but my brain couldn’t quite grasp it until I actually experienced it. Now, it makes sense [as to] why we have to move that fast, but at the time I had no clue how that could be possible.”

Have you had any memorable  flubs? “Jacob [Aaron Gaines, Moses] and I had trouble getting through a scene. They had to keep yelling, ‘Cut!’ because we were tripping on our lines. It was funny that both of us had trouble with the same scene. I’m pretty sure everyone was really frustrated with us that day.”

What would be your best advice to a newcomer? “The same advice Sharon [Case, Sharon] gave me, which is to stay calm, you’ll get through the scene and everything will be fine. And now that I know I can memorize lines with a snap of a finger, I would assure someone that it will get easier.”

Jacob Aaron Gaines (Moses)

What stands out to you most about your first day? “I was so nervous I kept missing my mark, and someone, I can’t even remember who, was nice enough to help me with stage direction.”

What is your process for learning lines? “A week before shooting the scenes, I find that writing my lines down helps them to sink in. I also walk around the house, saying my lines in different ways, but I don’t want them to get stale, so I won’t go over them again until the night before. People also told me different spots I could hide my script on set if I needed to take a quick look [laughs].”

What was it like to see yourself on screen? “It was cool. I watched my first air date on my phone by myself. I smiled and chuckled, and then I put it down.”

Have you socialized with any of your castmates outside of work? “When we have free time, Reylynn and I will go out for sushi or Chipotle. I also went to the movies to see No Time To Die with Sean [Dominic, Nate], Bryton [James, Devon] and Brytni [Sarpy, Elena].”

What kind of feedback have you gotten from your family? “My parents are very supportive and happy for me, so they love watching me on TV. My mom thinks I’m just like my character, but in my world, I’m not as put together as Moses. My dad is more enthralled with my wardrobe. He’s always telling me, ‘You need to take that suit home,’ and ‘You need to take that jacket home.’ ”

What surprised you the most about soap production? “The sets are much smaller in person. Also, how quickly they’re torn down and put back up.”

Have you been recognized by fans yet? “I was in a candy store and a woman asked me to take a picture with her daughter and I also got recognized in a mall. I was once at a restaurant and someone recognized me even though I was wearing a mask. It was probably because of my hair.”