Y&R's Hunter King (Summer) Weighs In On Her Personal Preferences

Netflix Or Cable? “Cable. I love my staple shows.”

Sitcom Or Drama? “Sitcom because I love to laugh! Life is too serious.”

Jimmy Kimmel Or Jimmy Fallon? “Jimmy Fallon, although you can’t go wrong with either.”

Hip-Hop Or Rock And Roll? “I think I’d pick hip-hop currently, but I love some good rock.”

Instagram Or Twitter? “Instagram, for sure! I love getting a glimpse into people’s lives.”

Wine Or Beer? “Wine! I love, love, love wine!”

Baseball Or Basketball? “Basketball, but I do love baseball food.”

Book Or Magazine? “I love reading books. Reading people’s stories inspires me.”

Save Or Splurge? “Ooh, I wanna say save, but I tend to splurge.”

Pool Or Ocean? “Pool over the ocean. I’m terrified of the ocean.”

Plan Ahead Or Be Spontaneous? “I like to plan ahead and also be spontaneous. I like to let life happen and see where it takes me.”

Early Bird Or Night Owl? “Early bird! I’m used to getting up early for work.”

Shop Online Or Shop In Stores? “I’ve become a shop online kind of gal!”

William And Kate Or Harry And Meghan? “Harry and Meghan.”

Khloé Or Kim? “Khloé! She seems so funny.”

New Or Vintage? “I actually like a mixture of both.”

Store-Bought Or Homemade? “Depends on what we’re talking about! Usually store-bought but desserts are best homemade.”

Vacation Or Staycation? “Vacation.”

Salty Or Sweet? “I have the biggest sweet tooth ever.”

Mild Or Spicy? “Spicy! I love a spicy margarita.”

Music Or Podcast? “I love podcasts but I prefer listening to music in the car.”

Movie Or Museum? “I love watching old movies.”