Y&R’s Elizabeth Hendrickson Reveals Pregnancy Struggles

Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe, Y&R) announced this week that she and husband Rob Meder are expecting a baby girl in March 2020; now, the mom-to-be has taken to social media to share her rough road to pregnancy. “Two years ago in early October I found out I was pregnant with our first child,” Hendrickson revealed. “I was in shock, it was not planned. I was excited but also scared. I wasn’t sure if I was ready but knew I was with the person I wanted to have a child with so I came around quickly. Shortly after I experienced my first miscarriage. It was also a shock as it had all come and gone so quickly. A few months later I was pregnant again. I was more prepared for the positive result and so thankful to be able to get pregnant so quickly also for being in my late 30s. On the day of my first scheduled doctors appointment at 8 weeks I started experiencing the same cramps as last time. It was awful. Painful. Emotionally and physically. I felt discouraged, incompetent and started having doubts in myself if i was ever meant to be a mother. I didn’t know how common it was until I started talking about it more openly with my friends and even with women I wasn’t that close with at my business. It helped immensely. The stories that other women shared made me realize I was not alone and at times I felt guilty talking about it when I heard about those who had miscarriages much later than I or had given birth to still borns.” She also offered advice to others battling the same issues. “Talk about your experiences,” she urged. “Good or bad. You will find a new tribe of support you never knew existed. Its what gave me the strength and courage to continue to try. We were meant to be parents, when the timing was right. I couldn’t at the time understand why that was our story but now looking back I can see it all clearly. What’s meant to be is meant to be. Trust the story being written no matter how it may unfold. It somehow always works out in the end. To all of those who have had similar experiences I wrap my virtual arms around you and squeeze you tightly. I know how awful it all feels. You have support, please try to talk about it, it helps immensely.”