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Y&R Recaps Week of May 23, 2005

Friday, May 27, 2005
At the gym, Nick told Lily that “I’m gonna make sure your little boyfriend spends the rest of his life in jail.” Jack asked Lauren, “what on God’s green earth are you thinking?” and described the Baldwins as “a family of crooks, scalawags and opportunists.” Lauren told him to back off, she loves Michael and finds Gloria “refreshingly direct.” Jack retorted, “yeah direct into my old man’s wallet.” Lauren took off, and Bobby shocked Jack by telling him about Cassie’s death. Phyllis walked up behind him and confirmed the news. She told Jack that Daniel was missing.

A cloud of grief hung over the Newman Ranch. Nikki was trying to put together the funeral and reception. She confessed to Victor that she felt like a lousy grandmother because, “it’s not like we spent time together baking cookies or all those fun things.” Victor comforted her by assuring her that Cassie loved her. He went to the chapel to speak with the minister, and Bobby showed up to express his condolences to Nikki. He held her while she cried, and then suggested a walk to the stables. She agreed because Cassie’s horses would be lonely.

Nick arrived home, and frustrated Sharon by not being able to open up to her. He tried to express how angry and full of hatred he was at the world. She brought Noah in to talk to him, and asked “how can you tell me the world isn’t good? Can you hate a world that has Noah in it?” He ignored the question and went up to bed.

At Jabot, Ashley told Jill she wouldn’t put up with her, but Jill interjected and admitted to being too “heavy-handed before.” She apologized for getting off on the wrong foot with her, and they began to work on something together. Ashley commented, “we seemed to have actually accomplished something”, to which Jill responded, “We may turn into a dynamic team if we’re not careful.” Later, Victor came into the lab and told Ash about Cassie’s death. She reached out to him and told him to let out his feelings to her so he could be strong in front of his family. They cried together.

At the coffee house, Kevin asked Mac if she wanted to catch a movie. She told him about her developing relationship with J.T. She asked if they could still be friends, but he was furious, and walked out.

John overheard Gitta on the phone with the immigration attorney. She told him the only way she could stay in the states would be to marry an American man. Kevin rang the doorbell, and when John told him Gloria wasn’t home, he decided to wait outside. John headed to the club and Gitta invited Kevin in. She learned he was single and started hitting on him. He got a little uncomfortable and claimed he had a date to leave. She asked him to come back and “show her how to have a good time in Genoa City.” He excitedly agreed.

Jack and Phyllis showed up at the coffee house and confronted Lily about Daniel’s whereabouts. Jack explained that “his running away is only going to make things worse for him.” He left for work, and Phyllis stayed behind to threaten Lily. “If he doesn’t come home, I will hold you responsible for the consequences,” she warned. Lily insisted she hadn’t see Daniel, but promised to have him call Phyllis if she talked to him.

John sat with Lauren at the bar and congratulated her. She thought he was being sarcastic, but he told her he was overjoyed for her and expected a wedding invitation. He bought her a drink.

At the hideaway, Daniel was lost in his thoughts. He pictured cops pulling him away from a steamy moment with Lily, and envisioned being in Cassie’s empty hospital room, weeping over her empty bed, asking “Cassie how could I do this to you. And I don’t even remember. Why can’t I remember?” Lily brought him dinner and said she changed her mind about telling Malcolm about their plan after running into Phyllis. Daniel hated being cooped up with his thoughts. She encouraged him to say strong. He told her she was beautiful and they kissed.”

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