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Y&R Actress Reveals Health Crisis

In a series of posts on Instagram, Lily Brooks O’Briant, who plays Y&R’s Lucy Romalotti, revealed that she recently underwent surgery to remove 21 adhesions caused by endometriosis, a condition that has plagued her with “debilitating pain, nausea, migraines & more over the past 3 1/2 years.” The actress explained, “I know I am INCREDIBLY lucky to be diagnosed so young. Most women live with insane pain for 10+ years before being diagnosed & many are told they are overreacting or that it’s all in their head.” Indeed, O’Briant didn’t know there was a name for what she had been enduring until she saw a post from Bindi Irwin — the daughter of the late conservationist Steve Irwin — who posted about her own journey with the disease on social media. The two women met in person last May, and O’Briant recalled Irwin, “was so very kind & strongly encouraged me to find answers.” O’Briant consulted with different doctors, before finding a team of physicians specializing in the condition. “For those who are reading this & quietly dealing with pain & no answers, know that your pain is real & Keep searching for answers,” O’Briant wrote. “Don’t be gaslit or brushed off – I was by a few doctors who told us I had an eating disorder or allergies or it was just something I had to endure for the rest of my life – it is NOT NORMAL !” For more information, go to #endometriosis #1in10. To see her posts, click here.