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Y&R 2022 Year In Review


Chelsea tried and failed to reconcile with Adam. After Victor sold Newman Media to Newman Enterprises, Victoria folded the fashion platform and Chelsea was out. Adam filled in for Victoria as CEO of NE so Sally took over the reins of NM. When Chloe and Chelsea’s fashion line for Fenmore’s divided the besties, Chloe became Sally’s COO. Victoria reclaimed her CEO post, so a disgruntled Adam walked out on the company and accepted Jack’s offer as co-CEO at Jabot. To make sure Sally would keep her NM position, Adam dumped her even though he still loved her. Victoria appointed Nick as her COO. He flipped for Sally but she had a tough time moving on from Adam, who wanted her back. Adam popped the question to Sally and they had sex but she decided her heart was with Nick.


Anonymous texts led Jack to the discovery his estranged son, Keemo had passed away. At Keemo’s house in L.A., Jack was stunned to meet his adult granddaughter, Allie, and her pal “Taylor”, a.k.a. the presumed-dead Diane Jenkins. Diane claimed to be a changed woman and returned to Genoa City to reconnect with Kyle. Allie moved into the Abbott home and interned at Jabot’s lab. Phyllis, Ashley and Nikki plotted to run Ms. Jenkins out of town. Phyllis and Jack’s relationship flatlined; he grew close to Diane. Kyle and Summer moved home with Harrison and convincedJack to buy fashion house Marchetti. Kyle hired Diane for p.r., while Phyllis sold the Grand Phoenix and persuaded Summer to bring her on board at Marchetti to keep tabs on Diane. Diane revealed that she had unwittingly helped Jeremy Stark launder money then turned him into the Feds. Phyllis found out that Stark was released from prison and tipped him off to Diane’s whereabouts. Jeremy arrived in GC.


Faith and Moses moved to Michigan to attend college…. Chelsea grew close to Rey. Rey suddenly died from a heart attack, devastating both Sharon and Chelsea…. Tessa and Mariah wed. With Christine’s help, the duo started the adoption process.


Michael came out of retirement to be Victor’s legal counsel. Ashland confessed to Victoria that he faked being sick in order to merge his company with Newman. As payback, Victoria tricked him out of his $500 million payout from Victor. During a heated confrontation after the truth came out, Ashland died from a blow to the head after a scuffle with Nick.


After becoming CEO of Chancellor Industries, Lily convinced Billy to be her COO. Lily and Devon merged their two companies as Chancellor- Winters, with Amanda and Imani becoming the legal team. Nate came aboard and clashed with Devon. Nate conspired with Victoria to stage a hostile takeover. Elena guilted Nate into confessing his plans to Devon and Lily, which got him fired. Victoria replaced Sally at Newman Media with Nate; Sally decided to start an interior design firm.


Unhappy at Chancellor-Winters, Billy podcasted, and bonded with Chelsea. Chelsea’s depression worsened when Johnny rejected her after learning she was his bio mom. Chelsea attempted suicide but Billy saved her…. Daniel returned to Genoa City to sell a gaming app and had a happy reunion with Lily. Daniel later told Phyllis that he and Heather had hit a rough patch and she went to Portugal with daughter Lucy…. Danny Romalotti returned to share the holidays with loved ones.


Abby, Chance and Devon worked out shared custody of Dominic, adding Winters to the tot’s name. Chance was plagued with anxiety and depression after rejoining the GCPD. A sick Dominic’s health improved after Devon donated bone marrow. Abby and Chance drifted apart. Devon and Amanda’s relationship was challenged after Naya had a stroke and Amanda stayed with her in Virginia. Devon and Abby had sex; Chance and Amanda caught them. Amanda broke up with Devon, while Chance insisted on a divorce.


Tucker McCall returned to town to win back Ashley and get closer to Devon. Tucker and Diane were connected in L.A.; Ashley pumped him for damaging info on Diane. Tucker had plans to take over both Chancellor-Winters and Jabot and run them with Ashley and Devon…. Noah accepted Nick’s offer to work together at New Hope. Noah nursed a crush on Tessa, and pined after a London ex. Noah and Allie became a couple. He quit New Hope and opened a nightclub called Glam Club. His toxic ex turned out to be Audra, who was hired to help with the Chancellor-Winters IPO. Audra admitted to Noah that she miscarried his baby. Audra had sex with Tucker, who she was helping to realize his grand schemes.