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Why Everybody Loves Christel Khalil

As Christel Khalil Marks Her 20th Anniversary On Y&R As Lily, Her Co-Stars Share What Makes Her So Great.

Eric Braeden (Victor) “Christel is not only beautiful, but also a damn good actress! Not a phony moment in her performances!”

Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) “Congratulations, Christel, on 20 years of being Young and Restless! Here’s to many more! Love, Mel.”

Peter Bergman (Jack) “Christel Khalil is one of the most honest, natural actors I know. The fact that she also grows more beautiful each year only makes it more impressive (and frankly, unfair). Over the years, I’ve had so few scenes with Christel that I’ve counted each one as a gift and a challenge; a chance to try and match her level of honesty and clarity. I’m not sure I ever made it. And most astounding, she’s been this phenomenal from the day she got here, 20 long years ago. Congratulations, Christel, we’re lucky to have you.”

Jason Thompson (Billy) “Christel is a fantastic actress and one of the more intriguing people I’ve ever worked with. She’s strong and she’s passionate, but she’s got an edge and can be a tough nut to crack at times. But she’s extremely capable of being vulnerable, open and sensitive. She has an incredibly infectious laugh and a joy to be around.”

Jess Walton (Jill) “Christel is one of my favorite actors to work with, not only because I am so fond of her and have been for all of these years because she is one of the most professional ones on the show. She is always prepared, which means she has her lines down pat, her moves, her motivations, not to mention that everything that comes out of her mouth is utterly believable. Her work ethic is off the charts and so is her kind heart. Love you, Christel — so glad you’ve practically been my ‘daughter-in-law’ twice!”

Mishael Morgan (Amanda) “Twenty years! Wow, girl! I am so proud and happy for you! You are such a shining light on that set and I am so blessed to not only work with you but to truly know you as a friend. My years in L.A. would not have been complete without my Christel Khalil, just like Y&R would never be complete without you & Lily. Cheers to 20 more years of slaying it, Queen.”

Beth Maitland (Traci) “Christel is an utter delight. I’ve been so thrilled to have worked with her over the years as Lily’s children’s godmother, with her as Colleen’s best friend, and now as Lily’s friend and confidante. Not only is she a lovely and caring human, Christel is a very talented actress, who I can count on reaching deep emotion in our scenes as well as finding things to laugh about. She has the sweetest smile!”

Courtney Hope (Sally) “Christel is beyond talented and beautiful, and she is such a bright light in every room she enters! I am so thankful to call her a friend and co-worker! Congrats on 20 years and counting!”

Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) “I love Christel so much! To me, she’s still the beautiful, adorable 16-year-old who came to the show 20 years ago. She is a beautiful actress, an incredible mother and a sublime human. Happy 20, gorgeous one!”

Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren) “Happy 20th, beautiful Christel! You are a force and so very talented! Here’s to 20 more!”

Jacob Aaron Gaines (ex-Moses) “Congratulations on 20 years! Your hard work and positivity is infectious. You inspire all of us on set, we’re all so proud of you!”

Melissa Ordway (Abby) “Happy 20th anniversary to a beautiful, talented soul! Christel, you’re the best! Congratulations!!!”

Daniel Goddard (ex-Cane) “For a long time, Kristoff [St. John, ex-Neil] has been called the ‘Denzel of Daytime’, and to be honest, Christel is the ‘Halle Berry’. The honesty of her acting was simply mesmerizing, so much so that I couldn’t tell you the amount of times that I quite simply forgot my lines when working with her as I was so completely and utterly drawn into the primordial truth of her performances.”

Bryton James (Devon) “Brilliant from day one and there’s not a storyline that she can’t destroy — in the best way. I wouldn’t be here without her input. Twenty years of Christel on Y&R means nearly 20 years of having the privilege of getting to go to work and play every day with my best friend, who I couldn’t be more proud of.”

Sean Dominic (Nate) “I’m just starting to get to know Christel, but she loves when I drop a word or phrase that she’s never heard before like, ‘Ear hustle’, then she uses it like crazy. Thank you, Christel, for accepting me into the fold. A huge congratulations and big hug for your 20 years on the show!”

Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe) “Wow! Twenty?! You’re a force to be reckoned with. Hats off to all of your accomplishments over the years, from child actor to leading lady! What an incredible milestone. Congrats!”

Amelia Heinle (Victoria) “I’ve known you for so long now. It’s so easy to be around you and laugh and let you rule over your Californian impressions! You have inspired me so many times and I am so proud to be your friend. Congratulations!”

Greg Rikaart (Kevin) “I remember when we started working together and being so impressed with the easy access Christel had to her emotional life. She was given really challenging stories and she just knocked every one out of the park. I couldn’t have lucked out more with her being my first acting partner here at Y&R. I love when we see each other at work now and get to catch up on life, family, etc.  In a way, it’s kind of like we grew up together here. Also, I’m glad Kevin and Lily have managed to get past the whole pesky chlamydia thing. Here’s to the next 20, Christel. Congrats!”

Joshua Morrow (Nick) “Christel is such an integral part of our show. She has a sassy and classy demeanor that is uniquely her and we are so lucky to have her. I’m honestly blown away that she has been able to be so successful despite her obvious aesthetic limitations. She just is at an incredible disadvantage because her looks are holding her back. Her perseverance to succeed even though she has to deal with her limiting appearance is extremely admirable. Congrats, Christel, on 20 years!”

Kate Linder (Esther) “Christel is not only amazing and talented, she is also very giving and caring. I have had the honor of working with her for the last 20 years. She has helped me raise a great deal of money for March of Dimes and other charities. Congratulations, Christel, on your 20th anniversary. Looking forward to working with you for another 20 years!”