What Actors Are Doing At Home: Joshua Morrow (Nick, Y&R)

My Daily Routine Consists Of: “Wake up, have some breakfast and an iced tea, start the laundry, clean the kitchen, do more laundry, clean up the dog poop, then I go for a Peloton ride or I run, come back in, make lunch and then continue the laundry. With six people, laundry never ends and it’s my job. Then I make the kids get up because they’re all doing online school, play some sports and take the dogs for a walk. Right now we’re remodeling our house, so every day at about 4, after the workers leave, my wife and I check out the progress. Then come home, make dinner and get in bed myself. It’s Groundhog Day. Every day is the exact same.”

The Show I Binged And Loved: “OZARK. Season 3 just started. There’s another show that I love called THE LAST KING. I’m really looking forward to the season 4 premiere.”

Most Productive Thing I’ve Done While At Home: “I went through all of my files, which I’ve kept forever, and purged.”

Most Surprising Thing I’ve Found In My Pantry: “A can of Chef Boyardee ravioli. I’ve never seen anyone in my family ever eat it. I didn’t know we had it. It’s still in there. It may be in there until the next move.”

The Best Meal I’ve Had Since I’ve Been Staying At Home: “Any time my wife makes tacos or enchiladas, it’s like a party in the house. She crushes those two things. In this dreary time it’s really something to look forward to.”

App I Most Recently Downloaded: “Zoom. The ability to converse with all of your friends. I got about four different squads, from sports camp guys and soccer guys, and then family and fraternity brothers, all these different groups of guys. It’s a cool tool to have fun, share some stories and try to be social in this weird time.”

The Person I’m Most Excited To Hug Post-Quarantine: “Hunter [King, Summer] or Cami [Grimes, Mariah]. I think they’re two of the greatest human beings ever made. I’m going to put Amelia [Heinle, Victoria] in there, too. Her hugs just energize me. Can I include Aly [Alyn Lind, Faith] in there, too? I just can’t wait to see them and hug them.”

Right Now, I’m Most Grateful For: “My wife. The amount of responsibility this woman takes on is incredible. She makes 95 percent of the meals, she’s home-schooling my daughter, making sure our sons are getting their stuff done and managing the renovation of our home. She’s the most valuable human being on the planet in my eyes.”

My Message To The Fans In These Uncertain Times: “Be smart. Everybody has things taken away from them and people will see it as an inconvenience, but the more people stand as one, the faster we beat this thing. So, hang in there, it’s all going to work out.”