We Test Beth Maitland (Traci, Y&R) On How Well She Knows Her Character

1. What is Traci’s middle name? a) Ann c) Lynn b) Marie d) Suzanne “Ann. My middle name is Anne, so easy-peasy.” Correct.

2. How many times has Traci said, “I do”? “Danny; Brad twice; and Steve Connelly. So, four.” Correct. 

3. What was the nickname of the campus drug pusher who sold Traci pills in 1983? a) Flip b) Sparky c) Fireball d) Mr. Feelgood “Sparky. The actor who played him was a little unpredictable. I ended up with a black eye after the kidnapping scene when he threw me too hard into the limo.” Correct.

4. True or false: Traci has never been arrested. “False. She was arrested for drugs after crashing the car high on diet pills.” Correct.

5. What university did Traci attend for graduate school? a) Boston College b) Genoa City University c) Stanford d) Wellesley “Stanford … or maybe that was undergrad [chuckles].” Correct.

6. How many nephews and nieces does Traci have — and can you name them? “Six! There are Jack’s sons, Keemo and Kyle, Ashley’s only daughter, Abby, and Billy has three kids but I don’t remember their names because I’ve never been in any scenes with them. But let’s see … There’s Delia, who died … Oh, and Johnny … and Katie, named after Kay Chancellor. Oh, wait, is it too late to add Theo to the list? So, seven nephews and nieces. I’m sure the list will grow over time.” Correct.

7. Of these titles of Traci’s books, which was published first? a) Epitaph for a Lover b) On the Wings of Idiots c) Stolen Lockets, Broken Hearts d) Echoes of the Past “Echoes of the Past was the first. When I hear On the Wings of Idiots I always snort. I actually have a [mock] copy on my bookshelf.” Correct.

8. Where did Traci and Lauren’s one and only cat-fight take place in 1994? “G.C. Hospital after Brad’s heart attack. One of the best days at work. Tracey [E. Bregman, Lauren] and I did a lot of the physical struggling ourselves, with stunt doubles for falls only. The water in the face was especially fun, and the flinging magazines was hilarious, girly fighting.” Correct. 

9. Before Abby’s wedding to Stitch in 2015, what did Traci present to the bride for something blue? a) A sapphire bracelet b) A blue garter c) Topaz earrings d) A handkerchief embroidered with blue flowers. “I don’t know this one, but I’ll take a stab at the handkerchief. It would be just like Traci to go with something sentimental.” Incorrect; The answer is a) A sapphire bracelet that belonged to Traci’s late daughter, Colleen.

10. Finish the title of the 2018 movie about Dina’s life, which was based on Traci and Abby’s interviews with the subject: What The Mind Can’t Remember … “The Heart Never Forgets”? Correct. 

FINAL SCORE: 9 out of 10. “I was always the teacher’s pet. Looks like overachieving paid off [laughs].”