We Hit Kin Shriner With Some Seriously Silly Questions

Who was your childhood idol? “I idolized and worshipped THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. That was my favorite TV show, and the guy that played Illya Kuryakin, David McCallum, I would cut my hair to look like him. One day I saw him coming out of a movie theater in Westwood — it seems like yesterday! I saw him coming toward me and I just froze. But I noticed he was wearing penny loafers, and I immediately got a pair the next day.”

Of all the soaps you’ve done, where was your best dressing room? “The one I fixed up at GH years ago. I was with Lynn Herring [Lucy] on Melrose [Ave.] having lunch, and I saw a red deco breakfast table with red chairs and I decided to buy that and take the couch out. I thought it would be cool that people could come in, we could sit around the table and run lines — and then I realized I screwed myself out of a couch! But PORT CHARLES was probably the ultimate dressing room because I had my own bathroom. I didn’t fix it up as much, though, and it was always a mess. The little girl that played my daughter, Carly Schroeder [ex-Serena], she’d come in and say, ‘Can I clean your room?’ And I said, ‘Carly, any money you find, you can keep!’ So, yeah, I had a little TV daughter and a built-in maid. It was great!”

If you were a contestant on WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE and you had to pick a castmate to be your friend to phone as a lifeline, who would it be? “Oh, Lynn Herring, without a doubt! She knows everything about everything. She’s smart as a whip, she’s very well-versed in just about anything, so I would go straight to her — and the last person I would go to would be Maurice Benard [Sonny]!”

If Scott had gotten to keep the $250,000 he tried to extort from Ava and Nikolas, how would he have spent it? “Oh, he’d take care of Franco, and then he’d go buy himself a convertible and a penthouse, a bachelor pad, and set himself up!”

You’re a foodie. If you lived in Port Charles, what establishment would you patronize most frequently: Charlie’s, Kelly’s or the Metro Court? “Well, The Floating Rib was the place to be. Back in the day, it was a very plush, elegant restaurant that Lee and Gail and everybody used to go to. Then they brought it back as sort of a jukebox joint, which is never what it was before. So I guess now, my meals would be at the fancy Metro Court. There’s a hot hostess that works there [played by his real-life love, Trish Ramish]!”