Wally Kurth shares his top recommendations

Show To Stream On Netflix: “I missed THE WEST WING the first time around and I am watching the end of the first season right now on Netflix. I highly recommend it. It’s amazing! It’s particularly amazing how a lot of the stuff that they touch on [is] still relevant today.”

Memoir: “My sweet mother gave me a book 25 years ago, I’m embarrassed to say, by Rex Harrison called [A Damned] Serious Business: My Life In Comedy. And I saw it recently and I thought, ‘I have never read this book!’ So I’ve been reading it and I’m so enjoying it. It’s his autobiography and it’s just fantastic. I wasn’t a big Rex Harrison fan so I’d never considered reading it, but he talks about when he was starting out in theater in London in the ’30s, and I’m just now getting to when he first went to Hollywood in the late ’40s and he’s talking about Cary Grant and Clark Gable and Laurence Olivier and all these people. It’s a really fun journey. I love biographies and autobiographies, and ones about actors are always fun, in my opinion.”

Podcasts: “I just listened to a Tim Ferriss podcast [The Tim Ferriss Show] with Hugh Jack- man, which was great. I’m a pretty consistent listener of Mark Maron [WTF With Mark Maron], and I also listen to a guy named Chuck Rosenberg [The Oath With Chuck Rosenberg]. It’s more political. He’s a former federal prosecutor. Those are three that I really recommend.”

Charitable Organization: “I have a friend who I met in college who has a wonderful organization called Dance and Dialogue []. It’s based in L.A., but they’re expanding [to other places]. It’s for [students] from different sides of the tracks, and they dance together and dialogue, and it’s about meeting and dancing with people that you wouldn’t normally meet. It’s such a great organization for teenagers. I’m on the board of directors, so I know a lot about it!”

Albums: “I have two on rotation and they couldn’t be more diverse. One is 79-year-old Bob Dylan’s Rough And Rowdy Ways, which is like poetry. I think why it works is because he’s almost speaking the songs, and you can really understand all the words. The other is The Chicks, Gaslighter, which is a completely different style, but I listen to both on a regular basis and really enjoy them.”

Movie: “The last movie I saw was the one Jon Stewart wrote and directed with Steve Carrell and Rose Byrne, Irresistible. It was good! I enjoyed it.”

Self-Improvement: “One of my favorite books is The Mastery of Love [by Don Miguel Ruiz]. It’s about being a person in a relationship, and I recommend this book to anyone at all times.”