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Wally Kurth Marks 35 Years At DAYS

Wally Kurth, who plays both DAYS’s Justin and GH’s Ned, marks the 35th anniversary of his Salem debut on February 4.

The actor recalls that when he was cast as Justin, “It was at the last minute. I mean, they weren’t convinced! I had to come in twice and test and they finally said, ‘Okay.’ I shot my first episode on a Saturday — and I’ve never shot one on a Saturday since! And it was only maybe a week, maybe even less than a week, that it aired. It was insane. That’s why we shot on a Saturday, because they had to edit it and stick it in a show. I was cast so last minute. That’s insane to think about now, especially because DAYS OF OUR LIVES is, like, five months ahead.”

Reflecting on the milestone, Kurth muses, “It seems like a heck of a long time ago and then it also seems like yesterday. Man, to think about a number like 35, it’s just incredible. And how lucky am I? I never, ever take it for granted. There was a time that I think I did, early on when you think you’re going to be doing all sorts of other projects, other things, but you know, even though I’ve been playing the same character for so many years, I’m given all these different stories and the character is different, too. As human beings, we change and we look at the world through different lenses as we get older, and I feel so lucky that I am able to bring those real changes that happened to me to my characters. And hopefully, my characters have evolved just like I have. I think the audience expects that and they can sense the difference; they’re not seeing the same character they saw 35 years ago, they’re seeing an evolution of a character that is full-bodied and multilayered, and as an artist, I have been given a really lucky hand.”

To the DAYS audience, he says, “I can’t say anything other than just thank you for watching. I know that my character, let’s face it, has not always been über-compelling and interesting every day of the week, but there is a loyalty and a support that I know is there and I really do appreciate it because I love working, I love being an actor, I love getting scripts. I am just really grateful that they are still watching and somehow letting the powers-that-be know that I play a character they are interested in and care about and want to see more of. And so here I am! I don’t take that lightly. So, thank you for supporting my work and keeping me employed because it makes me very happy.”