Tuesday Take Five With Nia Sioux (Emma, B&B)


Credit: Gilles Toucas/Courtesy Of Bell-Phillip Television Inc

What’s a word that you tend to overuse? “Anytime I say, ‘like,’ a lot, I’m like, ‘Really? You really couldn’t find any other word that you can use?’ ”

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? “Cotton candy or butter pecan.”

What do you like to do on a day off? “I like to just chill and relax and watch some GREY’S ANATOMY. I like to play with my dogs. I love to get together with friends. I also like to stay active doing hot yoga, going to dance, working out with my trainer, going to Runyon Canyon and going hiking. I’ll go with my friend and we stay motivated together.”

Who do you hang out with from your cast? “Adain [Bradley, Xander] and Kiara [Barnes, Zoe] and I have done several events together, which has been really fun — and, at one of the parties I got to meet [GREY’S James Pickens, Jr.], so I was kind of flipping out, as well!”

What advice would the Nia of today give her younger self?“I’d definitely say be confident, because the minute you’re not confident, everyone can see it.”



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