Tuesday Take Five With Drake Hogestyn (John, DAYS)


Credit: JPI

What do you like to do on your day off? “I get up at 6 o’clock in the morning and I take the dogs for a walk. I have two cups of coffee, watch a little bit of NBC, then wife gets up and I cook her breakfast — a couple eggs every day. I go to the gym…. And then it’s whatever the wife wants to do that day. If Victoria wants to do a little happy hour afterwards….”

What app do you use the most? “It’s the [New York] Yankee app. I can follow all the players that are coming up, the prospects down in the minors that are coming up, I can relive the glory days….”

What job would you be terrible at? “None, and I’ll tell you why. It takes me about two seconds to size up what the job is and how good I will be at it. If it’s something that I can tackle and accomplish and be very proud of, I will do it…. If I can’t and it’s gonna be a disaster and take a lot of time and I won’t be proud of it, I won’t do it!”

What is your least favorite household chore? “[Trimming the] ficus bushes. You have to get up on a ladder and spend hours cutting it geometrically. Probably my least favorite, but after I’m done with that I can sit back and look at it and say wow, what an amazing job. And the neighbors do, too!”

What food do you wish was calorie-free? “Pizza. I love pizza. I love ice cream. I love hamburgers. Now I think there’s something to be said for that, everybody: Anything in moderation!”


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