Tuesday Fast Five With Ted King

What’s your favorite childhood memory? “It was Cinco de Mayo, I believe. When I was a kid, we went down to Mexico and I competed in a bongo-playing contest. I won first prize and I got a free set of bongos. That was a great memory, especially because I’d never competed in anything at that point publicly, so it was nice to get something for my efforts. I think I was 5 years old, I’m guessing. It’s kind of a wild story.”

What’s something you will never do? “Make New Year’s resolutions, because I don’t like being disappointed and when you don’t keep them, you get disappointed.”

What’s a store you could browse in for hours? “Amoeba Music.”

Who is someone in daytime you’ve always wanted to work with? “Eric Braeden [Victor, Y&R]. I’ve never met him, but I would love to work together because I’ve admired his work for so many years and how he manages to play that role so convincingly day after day.”

What’s the most memorable gift you’ve received from a fan? “When I did the music column ‘King’s Spin’ for Soap Opera Digest, I still have one framed on my wall. I was very proud of that column. It might have been the first one. A fan sent it to me framed, and it was a review on a Springsteen album, I believe.”