Tuesday Fast Five With Louise Sorel (Vivian, DAYS)

Credit: JPI

What are you sentimental about? “I’m sentimental about animals to the point of needing help. There is a sentiment to wishing to go back to an innocence that we don’t have anymore that is being ripped away from us daily. I feel like the loss of innocence is profound.”

What store could you browse in for hours? “Shakespeare & Co. bookstore on Lexington Avenue [in NYC]. It’s like a candy store for me.”

What is your simplest pleasure? “Holding any animal’s face in my hand. People run from me on the street. I’ll go through traffic just so I can touch their dog. It touches something in me that I can’t quite figure out.”

What’s your favorite place in your home and why? “I have a wonderful living room. I have way too many little creatures — horses and elephants and giraffes and bears — and they’re comforting. There’s something about having all these things around me that is very soothing to me when I’m sitting in the living room.”

Favorite ice cream flavor? “Rocky road.”



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