Tuesday Fast Five With Chad Duell (Michael, GH)


Credit: ABC

What is your favorite party game? “I like Apples to Apples a lot.”

What team’s games would you want season tickets to? “The Arizona Cardinals, my favorite team. I would get them, too, if I was there more often!”

Other than your own, whose dressing room do you hang out in the most? “Maurice’s [Benard, Sonny]. I just randomly stop in there to talk.”

Who was the last castmate to make you laugh? “Steve [Burton, Jason] and Maurice. It can be difficult to do scenes with them because they crack me up.”

Do you have any nicknames? “Maurice used to call me Gumby a lot. Sometimes, I get ‘Chadelina’. My friends call me Duelly sometimes, or Chadley or Chadwick.”



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