Tuesday Fast Five With Bryton James

Who’s your oldest friend, who you’re still in touch with? “Lee Jackson. We met when I was 7, backstage at the NAACP Awards. He’s like my brother.”

Aside from a dog and cat, what animal would you love to have for a pet? “A monkey.”

How do you get out of a bad mood? “I immediately remember that I truly don’t have anything to be in a bad mood about.”

What’s the most dare-devil thing you’ve done? “I’ve gone over 180 mph in an open-wheel Indy car around Las Vegas Motor Speedway.”

What was your favorite birthday gift? “It’s a tie between my parents getting me a life-size Spider- man that used to hang in New York City’s famous toy store, FAO Schwarz, and Michael [Jackson] allowing me and my family to spend my birthdays at Neverland every year.”