Tuesday Fast Five With Robert Adamson

Credit: JPI

Robert Adamson (Noah, Y&R) answers Digest’s five burning questions!

Which era of history would you like to live in for a week?

“The age of ancient philosophical Greeks, like Aristotle and Plato.”

What was your most memorable concert?

“Ed Sheeran. Right before he was famous, he played a gig in town. I forgot the venue, but, man, no one was expecting that show.”

Which co-star do you text with the most?

“Camryn Grimes [Mariah]. She was pissed that I didn’t get back to her, so we were in a fight. But everybody gets mad at me for that.”

Which superhero power would you choose: invisibility, superhuman strength, read minds or the ability to fly?

“Fly, because of the freedom to see everything.”

What was your most recent dumb purchase?

“I flew to Vegas to watch a fight for my friend’s birthday.”