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Tuesday Fast Five With James Patrick Stuart

Credit: JPI

James Patrick Stuart (Valentin, GH) answers Digest’s five burning questions!

Do you have any nicknames?

“I go by JaPaStu. That was given to me by the lovely, talented and hysterically funny Paget Brewster.”

What is the best concert that you have attended?

“I went to see Sting in 1991 with Jill Larson [ex-Opal, ALL MY CHILDREN]. At one point, he pointed the guitar right at Jill and looked in her eyes and she just gasped. It was like a blast from a cannon bursting into her soul and it was probably one of the high points of my life [laughs].”

Who was the last person to make you laugh at work?

“Michelle Stafford [Nina]. She is one of the funnier people that I know. In another world, she could have very easily been a monstrous sitcom star.”

What is your least favorite household chore?

“I’m notorious for not putting water in the coffeemaker and leaving the water level bone-dry. My poor wife.”

What is your go-to snack?
“Salt and vinegar potato chips. I hate to admit that. God, I have no self-control.”