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Tuesday Fast Five With Courtney Grosbeck

A Day on "The Bold and the Beautiful" Set

Credit: JPI

Courtney Grosbeck (Coco, B&B) answers Digest’s five burning questions!

What U.S. state would you love to visit but haven’t yet?

“l’d love to go to Montana. My best friend is from Montana and she visits quite frequently, and the pictures I see are just gorgeous. The landscape is so beautiful.”

What are you always running out of?

“I always run out of deodorant. That’s terrible but it’s true.”

What is something that is always in your fridge?

“Hummus is always in my refrigerator.”

What is your most annoying habit?

“Rambling. I ramble so often, it’s not a secret [laughs].”

What’s something you’d love to have a never-ending supply of?

“Coffee beans.”