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Trevor St. John On Joining Y&R

Trevor St. John (ex-Victor/Todd, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) makes his Y&R debut on September 28, and the actor admits he didn’t expect to get the call to come in for the role. “I was both surprised and flattered,” he shares. “Actually, surprised is not a strong enough word. I was more shocked.”

St. John, who hadn’t worked in daytime since the OLTL reboot in 2013, enthuses, “My first day couldn’t have been better. Everyone, and I mean that literally, was welcoming and helpful. They’ve created a culture there of generosity and positivity that’s really impressive and makes me feel fortunate to be there.”

And there were familiar faces awaiting him. “I actually worked with Co-Executive Producer and Head Writer Josh Griffith briefly in New York, and liked him and his writing, so I knew I was going to be in good hands,” the actor explains. “And I knew Stage Manager Brendan Higgins from when we worked together in New York and then here in L.A., when he was first AD on two of my buddy Michael Easton’s [Finn, GH] films. Brendan is a master at what he does and an overall great guy. We always have fun on set.”

St. John appreciated a conversation he had early on with Peter Bergman [Jack]. “Peter is a gentleman in the truest sense of the word,” he relays. “I actually ran into him a week or so before my first shooting day while there for a wardrobe fitting. He had been called to set, so he could have easily said, ‘I’ll catch you later,’ but he took the time to stop and properly introduce himself. He told me how happy he was that I was doing the role, and without being condescending or self-aggrandizing, generously offered his insights into how to navigate the gig. He’s humble, which he doesn’t have to be, and supportive, which he could easily not be considering his status and tenure there. I’m happy to be working with him.”

Getting reacquainted with the rhythm of soap production has been a challenge, admits St. John. “I don’t think I’ll ever become acclimated,” he says. “It’s a completely different animal than film and prime-time. It’s even vastly different than the other multicamera genre, the sitcom. The volume of material and pace of shooting really makes it feel like a tightrope walk in a windstorm. The thing is, you can either embrace it or fight against it. I’ve decided to embrace it. The painter Edgar Degas said, ‘Only when the artist no longer knows what he is doing can he do good things.’ Well, I hope he’s right, because every time I walk onto the set, I’m totally clueless.”

Before returning to soaps, St. John spent the first two seasons of ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO playing ruthless Air Force Master Sergeant Jesse Manes. “I loved it,” he smiles. “I really enjoyed working with the cast, directors and producers. They made me feel like they felt lucky to have me. They let me play, and that’s always what you’re looking for as an actor.” Jesse was killed when he was shot dead by his good-hearted son, Gregory, played by Tanner Novlan (Finn, B&B). “I have not run into Tanner,” he muses, as B&B films across the way from his new home. “Of course, if and when I see him, I’m going to give him the cold shoulder for murdering me. That was very impolite of him.”