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This or That: Dan Feuerriegel and Paul Telfer

DAYS’s Dan Feuerriegel and Paul Telfer share their personal preferences

Dan Feuerriegel (EJ)

Driver Or Passenger? “Driver. I occasionally will get motion 

Window Or Aisle Seat? “Aisle, so I can get up without having to interfere with people.”

Plan It Out Or Wing It? “I’m more of a planner person. I like to have a semblance of structure.”

What’s Better: Breakfast Or Dinner? “Breakfast.”

Bath Or Shower? “Shower.”

Tap Water Or Bottled Water? “Bottle … and sparkling.”

Cats Or Dogs? “Cats. I have two cats. But I love both. I would love a Husky.”

Netflix Or Hulu? “Netflix.”

Sitcom Or Drama? “Drama.”

Barbie Or Oppenheimer?Oppenheimer.”

Tom Cruise or Harrison Ford? “Oh s**t! It’s either both or pass.”

Jimmy Kimmel Or Jimmy Fallon? “Neither. I’d rather have Craig Ferguson.”

Baseball Or Basketball? “Basketball by a little bit.”

Save Or Splurge? “I’m terrible with money, so splurge.”

Early Bird Or Night Owl? “Neither. I hate getting up super-early, and I’m not one to stay up to 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning. My schedule is all over the place, so I don’t have a certain structure.”

Shop Online Or Shop In Stores? “I do a lot of online, but it’s better going into a store.”

New Or Vintage? “It depends what it is. I prefer vintage band T-shirts, but I probably would prefer a new home.”

Vacation Or Staycation? “Vacation.”

Salty Or Sweet? “Sweet.”

Burger Or Taco? “Burger.”

Cake Or Ice Cream? “Ice Cream.”

Ketchup Or Mustard? “Ketchup.”

Mild Or Spicy? “Mild. I don’t mind a little bit of spice, but super-spice, unfortunately, messes with my belly.”

Music Or Podcast? “Music.”

Paul Telfer (Xander)

Driver Or Passenger? “Driver. Control issues.”

Window Or Aisle Seat? “Window.”

Plan It Out Or Wing It? “If you want to make God laugh, tell her your plans, so wing it.”

What’s Better: Breakfast Or Dinner? “Love breakfast, but dinner. (Maybe breakfast for dinner?)”

Bath Or Shower? “Shower, just like Xander.”

Tap Water Or Bottled Water? “Bottled, preferably sparkling.”

Cats Or Dogs? “Dogs.”

Netflix Or Hulu? “At the moment, Hulu. We’re obsessed with SECRET CHEF.”

Sitcom Or Drama? “I’m back into my sitcoms again. I also just started JURY DUTY, which is amazing. Very clever.”

Barbie Or Oppenheimer? “I guess if I had to pick one, it would probably be Oppenheimer.”

Tom Cruise Or Harrison Ford? “Oh, that is impossibly difficult to choose. If I really had to choose between them, I’d have to choose Harrison Ford, just because of the range of really good movies that he did.”

Jimmy Kimmel Or Jimmy Fallon? “Conan O’Brien. If I had to choose, it would probably be Kimmel.”

Baseball Or Basketball? “Easy. Basketball. I do not understand why people like baseball.”

Save Or Splurge? “Save. I’m really very Scottish in that way.”

Early Bird Or Night Owl? “Night owl. I slowly but surely morph into a morning person when we’re working a lot because we have the early call times, but as soon as we’re in vacation mode, I’ll wake up at noon.”

Shop Online Or Shop In Stores? “I hate both versions of shopping but my preference is to shop in stores.”

New Or Vintage? “Vintage. I’ve found that I don’t get a lot of joy out of just buying brand-new things.”
Vacation Or Staycation? “We have been doing staycations for years. I’m very ready for a vacation.”

Salty Or Sweet? “Salty. In the summer it’s nice to have a salty snack with my beer.”

Burger Or Taco? “Well, living in L.A., I’ve grown to really love tacos.”

Cake Or Ice Cream? “Ice cream.”

Ketchup Or Mustard? “Oh, ketchup is vile and I judge everyone who pretends to enjoy it. I feel like it’s a massive conspiracy. Love mustard, and Colman’s mustard from Britain.”

Mild Or Spicy? “Spicy. No need for further explanation. Spicy all the way and everything.”

Music Or Podcast? “Music. I’ve never gotten the hang of the podcast thing.”