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Tanner Novlan Weighs In On His Favorite Sports Team

Roots For: The Edmonton Oilers

How did you become an Oilers fan? “I was born an Edmonton Oilers fan. Edmonton is the closest major city to my hometown [in Saskatchewan, Canada]. And, have you heard of Wayne Gretzky?!”

Who introduced you to the sport? “I’m Canadian! We are all into hockey, but I have to say my dad.”

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being passive spectator and 10 being a super-fan, how would you rate yourself as a fan? “10!”

Do you own or collect any Edmonton merchandise or clothing or memorabilia? “Of course! Nothing crazy, just jersey and hats, but my brother gave me an autographed Mark Messier photo years ago.”

Who is your all-time favorite player? “Connor McDavid.”

Who is your favorite current player? “Connor McDavid.”

What has been your proudest moment as a fan? “The Oilers weren’t winning cups like the 1980s. When I was a kid, they would usually be the underdog but we went on a playoff run in 2006, it was amazing how the city rallied behind them.”

What was your most heartbreaking moment as a fan? “Losing game 7 in the 2006 Stanley Cup final.”

What do you like about this sport? “The code between players. They play on a razor-thin line of aggression and grace.”

What was the most memorable moment you saw in person? “The first time I watched Connor McDavid live. It was unbelievable to watch him dominate at the highest level.”

How often do you get to see games live? “I try to go when they play the [L.A.] Kings — whom I secretly also follow as my second team [laughs].”

During the season, what percentage of games would you say you watch? “If they’re playing and I’m free, it’s on.”

Have you ever met someone on the team? “Yeah, I remember meeting Curtis Joseph as a kid. And more recently, Connor McDavid!”

Are other members of your family a fan of this team? “My dad is! But, my brother is a rival Calgary Flames fan so it’s fun to trash talk when they play.”