Tales From the Tub of Tomato Juice

ONE LIFE TO LIVE viewers recently saw their beloved Bo in a bathtub full of tomato juice, thanks to a skunk in the church. The skunk and the tomato juice were real; we asked Robert S. Woods (Bo) about it.Soap Opera Weekly: Was it real tomato juice?

Robert S. Woods: It was a soft liquid juice. There was coagulated tomato paste in there, too. If I picked my leg up, it was all red. It felt pretty good — it was just weird. It did interrupt your concentration when the stuff got chilly and cold — it was cold. We did two shows in the tub. [The crew] would come by and they’d take out a big bucket of gooey paste. And they’d have another bucket heated up; they’d pour that in. It was like a little treat when they’d pour in the warm [stuff]. It was a guy thing; Eddie (Alderson, Matthew) was there, and Michael Easton (John), Mark Lawson (Brody) and J-P (John-Paul Lavoisier, Rex).

Weekly: The real skunk used was de-scented, right?

Woods: Yes. All the cameras were pointed at the skunk; crews were running around getting [the actors] reacting. It was funny. J-P and I had a lot of fun with the skunk and getting sprayed.