Take Five With Victoria Konefal (Ciara, DAYS)

Would you rather go out or stay in on a Saturday night? “That depends. Going out if the vibe is nice and calm, and good music with good people. But I’m a homebody. I like to stay in, curled up with my puppy, a book and a cup of tea.”

What is one thing you’re really good at? “I’m really good at training animals. I’ve taught my dog over 20 tricks. She’s this little miniature schnauzer. I can teach your dog pretty much any trick.”

What is one thing you’re really bad at? “I love playing the guitar. I have one, but my neighbors hate me for it.
I don’t know how to play; I just kind of strum along. I can’t do it.”

Where is your happy place? “My happy place is on the beach, anywhere near the ocean or out in nature, primarily by water.”

What smell brings back great memories? “A campfire smell. A campfire with roasted marshmallows, that’s my favorite scent ever. I actually have a perfume that smells like it to bring me back to that place.”


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