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Tuesday Fast Five

Take Five With Actor Tyler Johnson (Theo, Y&R)

What was your favorite thing to do as a kid? “Wander in the woods with a book. I remember seemingly endless days filled with imagination and play; the forest is a magic place.”

Who’s your favorite comedian and why? “Robin Williams, hands down. He was both hilarious and honest; willing to show the sadness of the clown.”

Who is your favorite superhero? “Batman. The superhero with no superpowers. I love that dichotomy.”

Have you ever had an on-set wardrobe malfunction? “In the Halloween episode in Jack’s living room, I made the choice to rip the towel off, and did so with such vigor — no big surprise there — that I almost took the bathing suit with me! Fortunately, the [wardrobe] department anticipated this and reinforced the seam!”

What do you want to be reincarnated as? “I love monarch butterflies. I’ve always regarded them with a certain reverence, and the migration is truly a remarkable feat of nature. The natural world never ceases to amaze!”