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Suzanne Rogers Marks 50 Years On DAYS

August 18 marks 50 years since Suzanne Rogers debuted on DAYS as Maggie, and the show is paying tribute to the milestone on today’s episode, airing on Peacock. In an interview in the new issue of Digest, Rogers says, “I’m kind of shocked that I’ve been on the show for 50 years; I mean, how many people can say that? Not many. I’m touched that they wanted to do something. I’m honored and very moved, and I’m grateful. I guess it’s a testament to the fact that the show wanted to keep me around, and the audience liked the character. And I still love what I’m doing, so it’s all a win.” Rogers recalls joining the show in 1973 and initially signing a three year contract. “I thought that was so long,” she recalls. “Then, when that contract was coming to an end, about six months down the road, they wanted to sign me to seven years. I thought, ‘Oh, my goodness’. But by that point, I realized how much I loved what I was doing and how nice it would be to have a steady job.” For more from the actress, pick up a copy of the new issue, on sale now.

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