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Summer Lovin' Y&R

Summer camp: Loved it, loathed it or skipped it?

Dominic: “I never went to summer camp. Summers were spent with my grandma and cousins. Y&R was definitely on in the background.”

Fairbanks: “Skipped it. I was really shy. All I wanted to do was stay home and watch movies and read.”

Hope: “Loved it!”

Lake, ocean or pool?

Dominic: “Ocean! Being in the ocean helps release negative ions and is so relaxing.”

Fairbanks: “Ocean. I grew up in California, so going to the beach is what we do. I feel the lake is for boating and I need a few drinks to just lay by a pool.”

Hope: “Pool. There are fewer things swimming around in there. I do love the ocean but I’m less afraid of a pool.”

Sunscreen: Forgetful or fanatical?

Dominic: “I don’t really wear it unless I am out for a really long time.”

Fairbanks: “Fanatical. I’m so fair.”

Hope: “Fanatical. I burn so badly.”

Favorite summer drink:

Dominic: “Rosé all day!”

Fairbanks: “I recently discovered cucumber mojitos and that was pretty life-changing.”

Hope: “I love red wine and for the summer, I’ll throw ice cubes in, although my dad also makes a great Yellow Bird.”

Favorite food to toss on the grill:

Dominic: “Steak. I love grilling the perfect steak with those grill marks.”

Fairbanks: “Vegetables.”

Hope: “Ribs and steak, or turkey burgers.”

Favorite fruit:

Dominic: “Watermelon is the perfect summer fruit.”

Fairbanks: “Pineapple.”

Hope: “Mangos.”

Favorite frozen treat:

Dominic: “I don’t have a big sweet tooth. So probably ice cream.”

Fairbanks: “I love those missile-shaped, white-and-blue Popsicles.”

Hope: “Chocolate ice cream — any time, anywhere.”

Favorite summer sport:

Dominic: “Spikeball. It’s a new game that I’ve played the past few summers.”

Fairbanks: “Swimming. I’m a big swimmer.”

Hope: “I enjoy watching swimming and diving.”

Favorite beach activity: Dominic: “Spikeball and Frisbee are both fun.”

Fairbanks: “Laying down and reading.”

Hope: “Lay out, and I love to go to the dog beach and wade in the water.”

Road trip role: Driver or passenger?

Dominic: “Driver, for sure.”

Fairbanks: “I used to be the driver but now I’m the passenger and I kind of like being the passenger. I’m very chill.”

Hope: “The driver.”

Top item on my summertime to-do list:

Dominic: “To explore more of California.”

Fairbanks: “I want to go on a road trip this summer.”

Hope: “I really want to go someplace tropical and now that we can travel again, going somewhere beachy sounds amazing.”