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Summer Lovin’ B&B

Summer camp: Loved it, loathed it or skipped it?

Brooks: “We never had summer camp in Hawaii. We are summer camp all year round.”

Kaye: “Love it.”

White: “Skipped it. Never went to summer camp. I don’t even know what summer camp is. Give me a summer glamp and we can do that.”

Lake, ocean or pool?

Brooks: “Come on. Ocean!”

Kaye: “In order, I go ocean, lake, pool.”

White: “A pool, because there are no animals swimming in there.”

Sunscreen: Forgetful or fanatical?

Brooks: “I am forgetful but I’ve been better because [wife] Kelly [Kruger, ex-Mackenzie, Y&R et al] will yell at me.”

Kaye: “I’m forgetful. That’s why I look like I do.”

White: “It depends on the day. If it’s the beach, sunscreen. If it’s just going outside to kick around a ball, I might forget.”

Favorite summer drink:

Brooks: “Year-round drink: tequila.”

Kaye: “A cold beer is tough to beat.”

White: “I love a mimosa.”

Favorite food to toss on the grill:

Brooks: “I just love a good rib eye.”

Kaye: “Steak. Not tofu.”

White: “A hot dog. Hot dogs are a great summer food.”

Favorite fruit:

Brooks: “Banana. In Hawaii, we actually have apple bananas, which are my favorite.”

Kaye: “In the summer, it has to be watermelon.”

White: “Mango.”

Favorite frozen treat:

Brooks: “There are these stupid little chocolate-covered treats at Costco that are like the size of your pinky finger and I’ll eat six of those in a sitting. They’re terrible.”

Kaye: “That would be a daiquiri.”

White: “I love shaved ice. The flavor I get is called Tiger’s Blood, which is basically a strawberry colada-type flavor.”

Favorite summer sport:

Brooks: “When I’m home, it’s surfing.”

Kaye: “I love watching the summer Olympics.”

White: “I love football or basketball but not to play, just to watch.”

Favorite beach activity:

Brooks: “Surfing. I haven’t been home in awhile and I’m really jonesing to do it.”

Kaye: “Swimming with my kids.”

White: “Sitting on the sand and drinking a mimosa.”

Road trip role: Driver or passenger?

Brooks: “Driver. I like driving.”

Kaye: “My wife and I split those duties, although I think I’m usually the driver.”

White: “Passenger, all the way.”

Top item on my summer-time to-do list:

Brooks: “Hawaii. We’re going to go home for three weeks on our next break, so I can’t wait to go.”

Kaye: “Spend more time with [daughter] Kenna [who’s heading off to college].”

White: “I’d like to travel more this summer and visit more places, maybe driving around California to places I haven’t been, or maybe even driving to Vegas. Just getting out of my house would be nice!”