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Star Maps: Lawrence Saint-Victor

Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter, B&B) fills us in on the must-see sights from his hometown in Rockland County, NY

Hudson House
“The Hudson House is a known restaurant in Nyack. It’s a great place to go to for a nice quiet dinner.”
134 Main St., Nyack, NY; (845) 353-1355;

Main Street Nyack
“Rockland Country is made up of several close-knit communities, like Nyack and Spring Valley, which is where I grew up. It is about 25-30 minutes from the George Washington Bridge, and it is a quick trip into New York City. You have to go down to Nyack. On Main Street they have all the best shops and restaurants and coffeehouses. Go to Main Street, get something to eat or drink and then go down to the pier, which overlooks the Hudson.”

Nyack Pier
“The pier is a great way to spend an afternoon, just checking out all the boats and all of the activity.”
1 Main St., Nyack, NY

Peppe’s Pizza
“If you want pizza, you need to go to Spring Valley and go to Peppe’s Pizza. There is not a slice of pizza that I’ve ever had like this pizza. I don’t know what they do but since I was five years old until now, I have not tasted a pizza that’s like how they make it. Peppe’s Pizza, Spring Valley. For sure!”
312 North Main St., Spring Valley, NY; (845) 425-4525

Palisades Mall
“When I first brought [then-future wife] Shay home, I took her to the Palisades Mall. For a long time, we were known as the third biggest mall in the country. It’s not that number anymore. It was really close to where I went to school.”
1000 Palisades Center Dr., West Nyack, NY; (845) 348-1000;

Rockland Center For The Arts
“The Rockland Center For the Arts has a really cool sculpture garden that I am familiar with. As a kid, I thought it was cool, but you don’t realize how special some of these places are until you leave and come back. As I get older, I’ve realize how many cool spots are in my hometown, the things you took for granted. I appreciate this place a lot more now that I’m older, and the sculptures constantly change so you never know what you may see when you go there.”
27 South Greenbush Rd., West Nyack, NY; (845) 358-0877;

Rockland Community College
“I’ve got to give some love to my old stomping grounds. The first place I started acting was Rockland Community College, before I went to SUNY Purchase. They have a really amazing theater program. They do plays and musicals all year through the seasons, and in the summer, they do Shakespeare. It’s a great program.”
145 College Rd., Suffern, NY; (845) 574-4000;

Rockland County Jazz and Blues Society
“You can’t beat the Rockland County Jazz and Blues Society. They are for sure our diamonds in the rough and they sparkle when they play. People in that group have been there for generations. We have some very talented people there, and the culture is very rich.”
215 Elm St., Nyack, NY; (845) 358-9060;

Rockland Lake State Park
“When it comes to spending time outdoors, there is one local spot where all the towns converge, which is called Rockland Lake. It’s a park and there are trails that go around the lake. It’s really cool. You can run, ride your bike, roller-skate, take the kids to the playground. When it’s summer, Rockland Lake is the place I would take you to.”
299 Rockland Lake Rd., Valley Cottage, NY; (845) 268-3020;