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Soaps' Sexiest Men Y&R's Conner Floyd

Soaps’ Sexiest Men Y&R’s Men Conner Floyd (Chance)

What was your reaction to being chosen as one of daytime’s sexiest men? “It feels nice. I’m very appreciative. I feel like I’m still the new guy so any kind of accolade I can achieve at this point is gravy to me.”

What would teenage Conner think about it? “He was not a man of many words. He would’ve probably been like, ‘Sweet, dude.’ ”

Are you comfortable with being considered a sex symbol? “I don’t know what that really means, to tell you the truth. As an actor, I think that [perception] just goes in your arsenal. I haven’t told my girlfriend about this yet. She’ll be like, ‘Oh, great. I’ll have to hear about that for the next few weeks!’ ”

What do you consider to be your best physical attribute? “I say it’s a blessing and a curse, but people say I’ve got good hair. It’s kind of a pain in the ass because I have to get a haircut every two weeks. It grows like a Chia Pet, but I’m also thankful that I still have a full head of hair.”

What quality do you find sexiest in a woman? “A sense of humor always gets me. I feel like I’m kind of a stone wall, so it really takes a lot to make me laugh. If you can do that, I’m impressed.”

What is your signature scent? “My favorite cologne is Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. My dad introduced it to me. I think it smells manly. I even wear it on the set.”

Why do you think fans find Chance sexy? “He’s such a nice, compassionate guy who always wants to do the right thing. He’s got a big, sexy heart under all of that stoicism.”