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Soaps' Sexiest Men DAYS's Dan Feuerriegel

Are you comfortable with being considered a sex symbol? “I’m comfortable with it. I don’t necessarily regard myself as such or feel it, but if people want to refer to me as that, okay. I’ll take it.”

What would your teenage self think if he found out you’d be named to a “Sexiest Men” list? “He’d definitely be surprised, because teenage me was a nerdy little dude who was too shy to talk to girls.”

Looks aside, what do you think fans find sexy about your character? “It’s a cocktail of things — his vulnerability and his dedication to his family.”
Who in the cast will tease you the most about this honor? “Billy [Flynn, Chad] would do it, purely because we just have that kind of relationship. Carson [Boatman, Johnny] would do it, because we have that kind of relationship. And Ari [Zucker, Nicole] just because she likes to match up with the boys when it come to humor and things.”

Who do you think is the sexiest celebrity? “My very first crush was Famke Janssen. She played Xenis Onatopp in GoldenEye and was Jean Grey in X-Men. So 14-year-old me was madly in love with her. I would say she is the sexiest celebrity.”

What physical attribute do you get the most compliments on? “My dimples. When I smile, they go, ‘Oh, you have a fantastic smile.” That’s probably the most commented on thing that I’ve had.

What is your signature scent? “Spicebalm by Viktor & Rolf. It’s a cologne.”

What is your idea of a romantic evening? “Snuggling on the couch and watching a movie. I’m old now, so that’s fun for me.”

What music do you find sexy? “Industrial kind of dirty songs like ‘Closer’ by Nine Inch Nails.”

Complete this sentence: My heart races when… “I’m at a party, my girl’s on the other side of the room and winks.”