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Soaps' Most Beautiful Women - Krista Allen

When you first started on B&B, you had short hair and wore a wig. What routine did you use to regrow your hair? “I started using red light therapy on my scalp. I also used growth serums and supplements and I started to grow my hair. Red light is insane. It made my hair grow so fast. Nutrafol is one of the [supplements] I used, and I would do weekly castor oil treatments. I did that for eight months. It was a pain but it worked.”

What is your makeup routine? “I love having my makeup done. However, I do my own makeup on the show, and thanks to our incredible makeup artists, I’ve learned so much about color and what makeup is best for mature skin versus young skin. The one thing I have known is keep it natural. Makeup can cover imperfections but keep it natural because it can highlight the best features, as well.”

What is your go-to lipstick shade? “I like different shades. I don’t have a particular favorite. I like to keep my options open.”

What are your thoughts on plastic surgery? “I’ve never felt pressure to do anything. I don’t do Botox. I have the Shar Pei forehead that everybody laughs at [laughs]. I spent a good part of my 20s and 30s doing Botox and all the stupid things, but I’m very happy with where I am right now. I’m not saying I’d never do it. Look, a lot of people do a lot of things and it looks great. I just feel as I’ve gotten older, it’s way more obvious on me — and if I couldn’t move my forehead, I make so many expressions with my face, it would be very noticeable.”

Any other skin care tips? “I love at-home lasers. There’s something called the Neuro-Laser that’s really great. I tend to have hooded eyes and it’s awesome. I’ve really noticed a difference. There is something called MyoLift, which is an at-home microcurrent that stimulates the muscles and I think that’s really great. I love things that you can do that at home.”

What is your one must-have beauty product? “Sunscreen! Having dealt with skin cancer myself, I cannot stress enough how important it is to always apply sunscreen.”