Soaps' Hottest Stars: Kelly Thiebaud

Viewers have really embraced your return, as has Digest; we named you Best Return of 2020. What does that mean to you? “It means so much! You never know how people will react to your character coming back, so when I heard that news it just felt really, really good. I was very happy.”

What with Britt being in charge at the hospital now, which of her employees is the most fun for you to boss around and why? “Well, these days Britt isn’t doing much bossing around! She’s dealing with some personal stuff so I think she’s trying to be a better version of herself. But it’s always fun to get into a little tiff with Felix, Elizabeth or Epiphany.”

We’re seeing Britt interact with some new folks this time around, including Steve Burton’s Jason. What is Steve like as a scene partner? “Terrible! Oh, it’s just awful having to work with that guy … heh, heh. He’s the best! We joke around a lot and it kind of feels like a brother/sister relationship. I really enjoy working with Steve. He has my back, he works hard and he’s always down to play. I’m looking forward to what’s next for Britt and Jason.”

We know there’s something afoot with Britt’s hand tremors. How have you approached playing that? “I was told a while ago that Britt has ‘something’ going on with her and I was very excited to start playing around with it. I’ve been incorporating it this whole time whether it was written into the story or not. It’s been rewarding to do something like that and has challenged me as an actor. Can’t wait to see what the writers do with that storyline!”