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Soaps' Hottest Newcomers: Victoria Grace

What stands out to you about the audition process? “It was unique, because I sent in one self-tape for the character. I didn’t hear anything back for a couple of months. Then I got a call that I booked it. I never met the casting director, the writers, the producers, the directors … anybody. I never had a callback or a chemistry read.”

How did you celebrate landing the role? “My sister, Cassie, was in the room with me when my agent first called to tell me that I booked it. She could overhear the whole conversation, so she was screaming and cheering in the background. We were both so excited. Immediately after, we went out for drinks to celebrate.”

Have you decorated your dressing room? “My sister bought me a blue retro mini-fridge for Christmas. I put it into my room. That’s been my main accessory. I have all my drinks and snacks in there. Other than that, I keep a blanket and a pillow in here. You have all sorts of downtime, so I appreciate my naps.”

Who is the first actor from the show you hung out with outside of work? “The person I went to lunch with first was Remington Hoffman [Li].”

What do you most enjoy about your character? “It’s definitely that she’s a total badass. Coming from a family of strong women, I love being able to portray that in media. Those characters are always the most fun to play.”

What was it like the first time you saw yourself on the show? “I remember feeling so much pride. As an actor growing up, I actually had a hard time watching myself on screen, which I think is pretty common for a lot of actors. I would actually shield my eyes whenever my scenes came on. In this case, I was sitting there with my mom. Just knowing that this was my first series regular role, I remember feeling immense pride, and I think my mother felt the same.”

How has landing this job changed your life? “Like I said, this is my first series regular role, which is incredibly exciting. For me, that has always been the goal. So it feels like I’ve achieved a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Also, as an Asian woman being on TV, I read The Hollywood Diversity Report for last year, and out of all of the lead women on TV less than four percent were Asian. That really hit close to home, knowing that I can contribute to that and take a step forward to greater representation.”