Soaps' Hottest Newcomers: Tyler Johnson

How was your character described to you? “I knew he was outwardly confident and flashy, a real smooth talker. I knew he had a bone to pick with Kyle. The more material they gave me, the more I interpreted his flashiness as a compensation for a lack of true inner security. It was then that his veneer became apparent — his shield, his sword, always on guard.”

What stands out to you about your first day? “The wall of Abbotts. I walked out in my first scene to the Abbott men standing in a line at full attention. I was shaking in my boots, but luckily was standing on carpet.”

How would you say you’re like Theo? “I share Theo’s love of food. The writers really nailed that about us. I plan my next meal while eating my current one. It’s not the best habit, but I love food!”

What has been your biggest on-set flub thus far? “I really put the onus on [myself] to rehearse the dialogue. However, I have been known to walk the wrong way out of a scene, or trip coming out of an elevator. I also love eating the food. I’ve definitely chewed with my mouth open on an occasion. Sorry, Mom!”

Have you been recognized in public yet? “A few times. It’s always an honor. [It happens] less now with current parameters; I wear a mask everywhere. But among my friends’ family trees, I have found some surprising Theo fans, and that is always both a surprise and a blessing to hear.”

Which of Theo’s many bosses would you most want to work for in real life? “Billy! He’s cool. Period. Both Theo and Tyler want Billy’s approval. And Jack. He’s the role model.”