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Soaps' Hottest Newcomers: Abigail Klein

How did you celebrate landing the role? “My husband and I cracked open a nice bottle of red wine. We had been saving it for a special occasion. We made a toast that was kind of like, ‘Here’s to DAYS and to us getting to celebrate something big together.’ ”

Was it challenging being a recast? “I didn’t feel like it was challenging. I was more so flattered that I was taking over a role that was so prominent in the world of DAYS families. I didn’t want to let it intimidate me. I decided that I was going to let it fuel me.”

Is there a memory that stands out from your first day? “Every single person introducing themselves, cast and crew and production members. I could tell this is something that they do. They welcome you in. It happens all the time. To them it’s second nature, but to me it meant so much.”

Has anyone in the cast served as a mentor to you? “Besides the obvious, Stephen [Nichols, Steve] and Mary Beth [Evans, Kayla], who I can go to about anything, I really look up to Martha Madison [Belle]. She’s the epitome of a veteran. It’s not like she gives me advice, it’s just that in every conversation I ever have with her, I take something away — about the business, about life. I don’t even think she realizes what a calming, intuitive and grounded energy she gives off.”

Have you decorated your dressing room? “No. I’m a minimalist. I do keep a huge tote bag of snacks, my portable speaker, toothbrushes, mints and deodorant. All the essentials. I do keep that in there. It’s my Mary Poppins bag and has everything in there.”

Can you think of a mistake you made before you got the hang of how things work on the show? “When we film phone call scenes, I was in the habit of talking over the other person. You can’t do that because of editing. It’s to the point now where any time I have a phone call, the stage manager kindly reminds me to ‘give us a pause, give us a beat’ in between the lines.”

What do you most enjoy about Stephanie? “I enjoy that she seems to have a good balance of being a realist, but also a romantic. Plus, I like that she has a heightened sensitivity when it comes to anyone encroaching on her independence.”

What was it like the first time you saw yourself on the show? “Surreal, for sure … I’d never seen myself [on camera as a] brunette before. It was a surreal surprise and felt like a mixture of pride and excitement.”

How has landing this job changed your life? “It has given me a deeper sense of gratitude. The learning experience and confidence that comes with getting to work consistently is the most empowering high.”