Soap Superlatives!

Soap Superlatives

Credit: JPI

Stand-Out Scenes

B&B: Katie’s confrontation with Bill was solid and gave Tom a chance to show her dramatic chops for the first time in a while.

DAYS: Sonny has been way too hard on Paul, so it was great to see his more vulnerable side in the scenes where he opened up to Victor and Maggie. Also, welcome back to the front-burner, Mary Beth Evans (Kayla).

GH: The divorce mediation between Sam and Jason was intense and sad, and the use of flashbacks was super-effective.

Y&R: Graham revealing that he and Dina were married was quite the twist and further complicated matters for the already-strained Abbotts.


Things That Made Us Go Hmmm

B&B: Bill had some gall showing up at Liam’s to talk to Steffy. After everything that transpired, he should have known better.

DAYS: Okay, we get it! There’s show is trying to make something happen between Stefan and Abigail. But did they both need to see each other in a state of undress in the same week to drive the point home?

GH: When Franco first got his art studio, we wondered where he got the money for its rent, since he was played as flat-broke at the time. Now, with the entrance of Jim Harvey, we learn that he actually owns the studio (!) — and also a storage space and adjacent loft, which he rents out? Come again?

Y&R: Why didn’t Graham skip the trouble of a hearing and announce his marital status from the beginning?


Great Expectations

We get that the calendar moves at its own pace on soaps, but DAYS’s Lani slept with Eli on Christmas Eve and discovered she was pregnant on what was New Year’s Day or the day after.