Soap Superlatives!

Soap Superlatives

Episode # 7858

Credit: JPI

Stand-Out Scenes

B&B: It’s great to see Maya get something more to do than sit behind her desk. Her dislike of Emma will surely bring some drama to Forrester.

DAYS: The scenes surrounding Lani’s premature labor were very powerful and sad. From Eric’s prayer circle to Valerie breaking down in tears after the baby died, there was not a false note to be had.

GH: Obrecht may be a maniac, but she sure is fun! We couldn’t help but laugh out loud at some of her interactions with Peter, like when she ate a brisket sandwich in front of the starving captive.

Y&R: Who is gaslighting Victoria? The J.T. story had been stalled for a few weeks in favor of other threads, but now that Victoria’s being targeted, we welcome the next chapter of this sordid tale.

Things That Made Us Go Hmmm

B&B: Enough with Bill and his constant declarations of love to his daughter-in-law. Steffy is clearly not interested, and Bill is not only not taking no for an answer, now he’s blackmailing her!

DAYS: Coming off all of the drama the past month with Brady, Eve and Theresa, where have they been all week?

GH: The scenes of Finn and Anna planning a trip were cute and all, but after he just returned from an impromptu jaunt to Berkeley, we gotta ask: Just how generous is G.H.’s vacation policy?

Y&R: Abby and Arturo are cute, but the drama feels forced. So what if he had a relationship with Nikki? It’s over now. Find something else to cause problems for them.

Love And War

DAYS’s Chad assuming the top spot at Titan was a fun, unexpected twist in the Sonny/Leo/Kate saga. It’s the perfect setup for the brothers DiMera to go head-to-head, especially with Abigail’s pregnancy likely to cause some additional drama between Stefan and Chad.