Soap Superlatives!

Soap Superlatives

Episode # 13361

Credit: JPI

Stand-Out Scenes

B&B: Hope and Steffy’s awkward visit was tense and dripping with anxiety. Hope’s lost Liam, Steffy’s got the baby and the guy, and all Hope can do is smile and wish her well. This new dynamic could be pretty juicy.

DAYS: The jury’s still out on whether this new Ben/Ciara story will work, but one thing’s for certain — portrayers Scott Wilson and Victoria Konefal have some good chemistry!

GH: Patricia Bethune made a strong first impression as Ferncliff’s head nurse, Mary Pat; she is clearly going to be a formidable foe for “Caroline”!

Y&R: The custody hearing was suspenseful and dramatic, and it was nice to see Brittany again. Victor’s won the first round, but this war looks like it’s just getting started.

Things That Made Us Go Hmmm

B&B: The “meet-cute” between Emma and Xander was cringe-worthy. We’re all for a summer romance, but these are two newcomers that the audience has no reason to care about.

DAYS: Why would Brady label the envelope containing the truth about Deimos’s murder with Nicole’s name? How many incriminating envelopes does he have to keep track of?

GH: Liz commented that she usually speaks to her off-camera sis, Sarah, on the weekends, then expressed surprise that Sarah knew she was engaged to Franco (which she has been since last year — and they would have gotten married in March had it not been for the earthquake).

Y&R: Victor’s on the verge of becoming too villainous. Taking your son’s child away from him is not a good look. While we’re on the subject, how could Nikki stand by and let it happen? 

Serums And Such

It’s hard to believe Marlena or Kayla or anyone at the hospital would inject Will with the memory serum on DAYS; it’s not approved, the formula was taken from a madman’s diary and Will’s already been injected with mysterious drugs before.

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