Soap Superlatives!

Soap Superlatives

Episode # 13337

Credit: JPI

Stand-Out Scenes

B&B: Steffy and Hope’s confrontation was excellent. “Take off that ring!” Steffy demanded, shaking her head in disbelief at the fact that Liam and Hope had gotten engaged. Hope tried in vain to defend and justify her and Liam’s actions, while Steffy stood up for herself and refused to back down. Go Steffy!

DAYS: The flashbacks to Andre’s murder finally filled in the blanks and revealed how Abigail created Gabby and Dr. Laura. The big reveal — that Abigail hit Andreafter he grabbed her and refused to let her leave the office to expose his lies — wasn’t really surprising, but it did provide us with long-awaited answers. Now, Abigail can begin to heal and move on.

GH: It’s great to see Lucas and Brad back on-screen. Hopefully we’ll get to see them a little more often, now that there’s a baby officially on the way.

Y&R: Poor Jack! Humiliated and deceived by his (mostly) well-meaning family, he learned that he wasn’t John Abbott’s son at a family movie screening honoring ailing mom Dina. Jack’s reaction was appropriate and not over-the-top, and his confrontation with the rest of the family was heartbreaking.

Things That Made Us Go Hmmm

B&B: Brooke is right to be supportive of her daughter, but she should also be a little more protective and remind Hope that moving too fast has never worked out well for her. Jumping into marriage with someone who literally left his wife the day before is not the wisest decision.

DAYS: Do we really need to tread back into sci-fi territory with the wonder drug that brings people back from the dead?

GH: Sorry Carly, but lots of babies like penguins, it’s not a Morgan-specific thing. Also, how would Ava know that Morgan liked penguins? They knew each other intimately; chances are they weren’t discussing their favorite animals. The whole “twist” felt contrived.

Y&R: Sharon and Nick made love, but now they’re talking about being friends with benefits. Sure, that’ll work. These two need to figure out what they really want.

The Three Faces of Abigail
This tale — or at least, the first chapter of this tale — has wrapped up, and in the end, the months of wackiness were worth it for the great performances and big revelations. Kudos to DAYS for not trying to sell Gabby and Stefan as a legitimate couple; all too often, DID stories take a romantic turn and it can be very problematic in a time when mental health is being taken more seriously.