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Photographer to the stars Jim Warren has created a new YouTube series which features a slew of soap faves in vignettes behind the scenes of a fictional soap. THIS SHOW SUCKS: Truth + Consequences features Emmy winners Peter Bergman (Jack, Y&R), Ian Buchanan (ex-Duke, GH et al) and Kim Zimmer (ex-Reva, GUIDING LIGHT) as well as GH’s Kin Shriner (Scotty), Cameron Mathison (Drew), Sonya Eddy (Epiphany), Wally Kurth (Ned; Justin, DAYS) and Paul Telfer (Xander, DAYS), and many more — including Warren’s real-life pup, Hoda — performing for fun. “I only asked actors who I thought would want to do it, who I thought for sure they’d agree. But, I was wrong,” laughs Warren. “I did get a few actors who said they were too busy, which was the nicest way possible of saying, ‘Not a chance in hell’ — which I totally respect! The first person I asked, Ian Buchanan, could not have been more supportive and positive. The second person I mentioned it to was Kin Shriner, who could not have said ‘no’ any faster — let’s just say, he came crawling back!”

Shares Buchanan, “Jim had this idea that was very refreshing and involved getting to work with several of my favorite people. Kin and Peter in person and Kim from a distance. And meeting Paul for the first time. I also got to do much of it without leaving my house. My home, my clothes, my friends! Who could ask for anything more? Great experience all around.”


Says Eddy, “When Jim approached me about being a part of the show, I was excited to have the opportunity to play a character who is very different from Epiphany. And the fact that I got to play with all the other actors on this was an added bonus!”

Sonya Eddy

Adds Kurth, “I did it ’cause Jim is an old friend. And I’m up for improvising anything fun with a soap satire.”


Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie, GH) enthuses, “The story and our characters have tidbits of real life truth. Enough to entice, surprise, and keep you guessing.”


David Fumero (ex-Cristian, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) shares scenes with GH’s Haley Pullos (Molly) and reports, “Jim told me he had a couple ideas for us, and meeting her was a real pleasure. Haley was nothing but sweetness!”


Find the series on YouTube or follow Warren on Twitter @justJimWarren.

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