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Soap Newcomer - Gabrielle Haugh

Gabrielle Haugh 734x365
Credit: Jason Agron Photography

Who did you screen-test with?

“James Lastovic [Joey]. It was good, and he was very easy to read with.”

How was your character described to you?

“The troubled girl who means well. I remember ‘adrenaline junkie’ were two of the words used to describe her.”

Were you nervous about being a recast or eager to tackle the challenge?

“Neither, because they were very clear that I didn’t need to be [Paige Searcy, ex-Jade]. They expected me to add my own twist to the character and not play Jade exactly like she did.”

What do you remember most about your first day?

“I remember James and Mary Beth [Evans, Kayla] trying to run lines with me, but they kept getting called to the set. It was one of those moments where they had five scenes in a row and were really busy. It was funny. They were like, ‘Well, welcome to soaps.’ ”

Was there any scene you were nervous about?

“There was one scene with James that was a little nerve-wracking because it was supposed to be overly dramatic. The director made that very clear to us. It ended with a kiss, and we were told to kiss left. James and I both kiss [tilting our heads] right, normally. It was a huge dramatic scene and we were trying not to bump heads in the middle of it.”

Have you done any dressing-room decorating?

“No. Not even remotely. There’s a couch, a table and a mirror. I didn’t touch anything.”

What has been your favorite scene so far?

“I did a scene with my dad [Réal Andrews, Hal] that was very dramatic. I was upset with him because he’d done something stupid. I basically freak out on him. It was really fun to do.”

Who do you hope you get to work with that you haven’t?

“I think I’ve worked with everyone. We had [Steve and Kayla’s] wedding, and I’m pretty sure that 90 percent of the cast was in that.”