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Soap Alum Sonia Satra Releases Book Today

Sonia Satra (ex-Lucy, GUIDING LIGHT; ex-Barbara, ONE LIFE TO LIVE), an award-winning mind- body coach and motivational speaker, has written her first book, WHAT IF IT WERE EASY: Using Movement & Mindset to Create Success in Life, Love, and Business, on sale now where books are sold. Here she talks about the inspiration for the new project.

Soap Opera Digest: Congratulations on the book! How long have you been thinking about writing one?

Sonia Satra: I have been thinking about it for several years and it has gone through quite a few drafts. So I’m excited and relieved it’s finished and launching.

Digest: How long did it take for it to all come together?

Satra: I started before Covid with the intention of putting it out in 2021, but then I hired a content editor to help with a “final polish” and instead it led to another complete rewrite.

Digest: When did you do your writing?

Satra: Initially I wrote when I had time, but as it became a more serious goal, I needed more structure, and I would schedule regular time blocks to focus only on the book. I also found that for me it was easier to speak than sit with a blinking cursor. So, I would record my ideas, transcribe them, and then fix and tweak until it flowed. That was definitely an extra step, but it helped me a lot. If you are someone who loves writing and it comes easily, that isn’t necessary. But if you struggle with writing like me, I highly recommend it.

Digest: What is WHAT IF IT WERE EASY about?

Satra: This book is really about helping people find the clarity and courage they need to go after their most desired goals. I really believe that everyone has a gift or something to share with the world and it’s truly my passion to help them go do it. This book includes a seven-step Mindset Reset process to help guide you through your goals. Additionally, I cover 12 superpowers that are necessary to achieve goals such as confidence, creativity, patience and persistence, and these all have tips and tricks to help you on the journey.

Digest: How is this book different from anything that’s already out there?

Satra: The one thing that makes this very different than other motivational books is that it harnesses the power of movement to help you achieve your goals. When you move, a variety of things happen in your brain and nervous system that make you more creative, focused, better at problem-solving and making decisions, and it taps the motivation center of your brain. You actually become more motivated when you move. So in this book and in videos that you can access with a simple QR code, I guide you every step of the way through this Mindset and Movement process. It’s a win-win; you’ll get a fit mind and a fit body as you move your way to success.

Digest: You’ve created a program called Moticise. How do you describe Moticise to people?

Satra: I usually say it’s life coaching meets exercise. People think of therapy for overcoming problems and exercise as a way to get fit. I put them together because I see movement as so much more than just fitness. Most people have no idea how many amazing things happen in your brain and body when you move — we are never taught that. You actually grow new brain cells, and it can help create new neural pathways and essentially rewire your brain for success. So, I use movement and mindset to help people overcome challenges and fears, embrace their truth and manifest the life they truly desire. When I came up with the idea, I was actually running on a treadmill. I was Moticising and didn’t even know it! I knew how powerful mindset tools were, but I was a mom of two young children, and I had a business and a very busy husband. So time was short and I needed an efficient and effective way to do everything. I thought at the time, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could work on my mindset while exercising?” Then I started to research and realized that exercise was so powerful to the brain and helping you accomplish things, so I decided to put them together. That day on the treadmill, I came up with the name Moticise: Moti for motivational and cise for exercise. Since then, I have found that Moticise is truly a way of manifesting through movement.

Digest: How does the book fit in with your overall vision with Moticise?

Satra: I believe this book can help expand my vision for Moticise. My hope is to have a much greater impact, and I will be offering a live group coaching program to go with the book. This will allow more people to have access to me to ask questions and get the guidance they need, as well as tap into the expertise, energy and accountability of the group.

Digest: What do you hope readers take away from the book?

Satra: I really want people to step into possibility, to know that when you combine your mind, body and emotion you really can achieve remarkable things. I also hope to inspire people to move more. An unexpected outcome of Moticise is that people who don’t like exercise actually like this because you are thinking about things you want in your life and how you can make them happen instead of how many more reps you have to lift or minutes you have to run on a treadmill. I also share lots of personal stories as well as clients’ journeys to demonstrate how this is accessible for everyone. You do deserve to be happy and healthy and live the life that you truly want, and you can do it!

Digest: How did life coaching and holistic health coaching come into your life?

Satra: I had a coach back in my acting days. In fact, I worked with the amazing Joseph McClendon, one of Tony Robbins’s head coaches. That was pure luck and divine intervention. He changed my life in so many positive ways and without knowing inspired me to be a coach and speaker. I’m honored to call him my friend and he has been a mentor to me for decades.

Digest: You are also a hypnotist. What was that training like?

Satra: I actually learned hypnosis back when I was acting. I had done a session that was so powerful and healing for me personally. It also dispelled any of the fears or myths that I had around hypnosis. In reality, I became extremely relaxed, but I was very aware of what was happening and the suggestions. No one was going to be able make me get up and quack like a duck or do any other ridiculous things. I was fully in control. So after that, I decided to get certified so I could do hypnosis on myself and improve my confidence around auditioning. It did help me and I’m a firm believer in the power of hypnosis, although I don’t use it very often in my practice now.

Digest: Was that always something you wanted to do with your life?

Satra: I think on some level I always knew that I wanted to help people. Perhaps I hoped that I would do the movie that would change the world … whatever that means. But when I started coaching and speaking and seeing the difference that made in people’s lives, I became hooked. It felt like I was more aligned with my purpose. I still love acting and do it when I have the opportunity, but day-to-day coaching people to achieve their own personal greatness really lights me up.

Digest: You’re a motivational speaker, as well. What does that entail?

Satra: I often speak at companies and conferences doing both keynotes and breakout sessions. When I work with businesses, I help employees realize their potential as leaders, improve communication and decision-making skills, and increase employee retention by teaching stress reduction tools and strategies to improve work/life balance and overall health and well-being.

Digest: You have traveled the world as part of your work. What’s your favorite place you’ve gone?

Satra: I love traveling for work and one of my dream weeks was in New Zealand. I went there to film the role of Gloria Steinem in AMERICAN PLAYBOY: THE HUGH HEFNER STORY, then I was a guest on one of their national TV shows speaking about mindset and guiding people through Moticise. I wrapped up that trip with an exciting adventure: I bungee jumped off the Auckland Bridge. For work and self-fulfillment that was perfection.

Digest: What does it mean to you to be helping people as you do?

Satra: It really is some of the most rewarding work I have ever done. I believe we all need help at certain times in our life. And to have someone who believes in you and can help guide you to your truth can be life-changing. I had a life coach when I was acting, way before most people ever heard of coaches. It was transformational on so many levels. Now I feel like I get to give back and help others have that same experience.

Digest: Do you miss acting?

Satra: I love the camaraderie and the excitement of lights, camera, action. So sometimes I miss that, but I have been lucky to still be able to act in several things over the years. I have two upcoming projects: a small role in a Netflix miniseries, and I did a movie just before the strike called Gretzky’s Office.

Digest: What do you think about when you look back on your days in soaps?

Satra: I have nothing but fond memories of working on the soaps. I was so lucky to work with such talented and wonderful people. I grew so much as a person and as an actress, and I am very grateful for my on-screen family. It was a real blessing and I truly enjoyed going to work every day.

Digest: Are you in touch with any former co-stars?

Satra: I reconnected to Rick Hearst [ex-Alan-Michael, GL et al], which was so fun, and I keep in touch with several others via social media.

Digest: Have you been recognized in your new roles?

Satra: I mostly get recognized as Lucy on GL and sometimes psycho nurse Barbara on OLTL. Or I’ll have people say, “You look familiar, do I know you?” It feels a bit presumptuous to respond, “Maybe from TV?” but that usually is where they know me from.

Digest: Overall, how would you describe your life’s path since leaving daytime?

Satra: I see life as one big adventure. I am constantly learning and growing and striving to live in greater alignment with my purpose and my truth. Sometimes I fly and sometimes I fall. The key is to get up faster, keep believing and, most importantly, keep shining your light!