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Shaping Up For Summer

Banus Sean 734x364
Credit: JPI

Christopher Sean (Paul)

Diet: “At breakfast, I have five egg whites and a cup of oatmeal. I also have a Lenny & Larry protein cookie. I have two lunches. My first lunch would be four ounces of chicken breast, a cup of broccoli and a cup of white rice. With the chicken breast, it’s normally stovetop-cooked. I’ll do different sauces. One day I’ll do a chili powder, garlic-chili paste or Dijon mustard, depending on how strict I want to be. You need your fibers, healthy carbs and complex carbohydrates. Complex carbs are what give you long-lasting energy. It gives your body fuel to burn. It also keeps you full. You can have two cups of vegetables if you want, because it’s a healthy fuel and keeps you full so that you’re not trying to go back into your pantry during the day. Both before and after the gym, I always have my branched-chain amino acids. I’ll take L-Arginine, L-Carnitine and L-Lysine. Normally, the second lunch is right before the gym. I’ll have four ounces of turkey breast, a cup of broccoli and a cup of white rice. My final meal is after the gym. Depending on whether I’m dieting or trying to bulk, I’ll do one ounce of wild salmon or one ounce of wild cod fish. I also eat a handful of asparagus. The reason why I eat turkey and salmon after the gym is because they’re leaner in fats.”

Fitness: “Every week is a new workout routine. This week, I’m doing strength training, which means I’ll probably do four to five different exercises for whatever multiple group I’m targeting. I’ll do 15-to-20 repetitions, with a 15-second break in between each set. I’m flying as I’m working out and the entire time I’m getting a nice flow. CrossFit has changed the mentality of bodybuilding. I’ve started applying that and have gotten faster and better results; because of the high intensity, it’s keeping the cardiovascular high. My personal trainer has helped me with it and I’ve dropped 20 pounds. Monday through Friday, I do different push-and-pull exercises. Yesterday I did shoulders and back. Today, I’ll be doing biceps and back. The reason I’m changing the exercises every week is because it’s something known as ‘muscle confusion’. The body adapts so quickly that the best transformations happen with the most uncomfortability. So you must continuously shock your body and keep it uncomfortable.”

Christopher’s Top Three Tips

“Consistency is key.”

“Try making healthier menu choices. Instead of eating a whole plate of carbs, eat half. Cut out all the sugars.”

“Educate yourself. You don’t want to go into the gym and just throw heavy weights around and possibly hurt yourself.”


Camila Banus (Gabi)

Diet: “On a typical day, I usually have oatmeal [for breakfast]. I add a few mini-chocolate chips and it’s really delicious because they melt in the oatmeal. For lunch, I will have a chicken sandwich, chicken and spinach, or chicken and sweet potato. Thank goodness I’m cooking at home because I can bring food with me to work. I try to eat dinner before 8 o’clock. I usually switch it up between different types of protein and good carbs, such as sweet potato or whole wheat pasta. Sometimes I’ll make myself a Greek salad, but always with heavy protein and good, healthy, complex carbs. I’m definitely a foodie and I love sugar, so I have to balance that with working out and drinking water to stay healthy.”

Fitness: “I work out like a beast three times a week. When I work out, it’s like doing three workouts in one as far as intensity. Right now, I’m working out with a trainer. She’s great because she has all these exercises that have been set up for me. That way, I don’t have a moment to stop and think about what’s next. I’ll get three exercises within a set. For instance, I’ll do double lunges across the floor, jumping squats and maybe some dead lifts. I’ll do those three sets, three times, for 15-to-20 reps. It makes my workout really smooth and time goes really quickly. I also switch it up. I have three, three-day sets with the trainer, but in between those sessions, I go on hikes, try to play tennis or go to the beach and go for a run. Sometimes I’ll take a Zumba class or pole-dancing class. I love to stay active.”

Camila’s Top Three Tips

“Find the right exercise for you, whether it’s yoga, Zumba or swing dancing. Nowadays there are so many ways to stay active. You can find what works for you and that doesn’t feel like a workout.”

“Drink a lot of water, especially when you’re working out.”

“Find some really awesome workout clothes that make you feel sexy. Fabletics and Forever 21 have reasonably priced leggings and sports bras in all sizes that are super-cute and available for all shapes and sizes. It will make you feel amazing.”