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Seven Minutes With Kevin

Soap Opera Digest: Where are you from?

Karl Girolamo: I’m originally from Staten Island, NY, and then I moved to Howell, NJ, when I was 12 years old. I went to Howell High School and took acting classes there. Now, I’m at Montclair State University taking acting classes…. As of now, I’m close to home and I’m still learning. I just want to keep learning. Digest: When did you know you wanted to be an actor?
Girolamo: I guess I knew in junior high school, when I first got my manager. I could tell because my first year of auditions, I got absolutely nothing. So, I guess if you keep doing it, then you kind of want to do it. Because you get rejected a lot! Digest: How did you get the job?

Girolamo: I auditioned for the Luke part. I auditioned several times and I guess the third time was the charm. When they told me it was a small part, I figured it was about three episodes. But then it turned into Kevin being Luke’s best friend, so I was definitely happy about that. It’s been five months, on and off. Digest: How’s the job?
Girolamo: It’s been great. I’ve actually learned more over the time working there than I have in my whole acting career. Just watching people like Jon [Hensley, Holden], Martha [Byrne, Lily] and Van Hansis, Luke], too — seeing them get everything done so fast. They have so many lines and they get everything down so perfectly and I’m there with two, three scenes, really working on it. This job is really hard!Digest: Had you auditioned for other soaps?

Girolamo: Yes, I auditioned for ALL MY CHILDREN a couple of times.Digest: What other professional work have you done?

Girolamo: I did a voice-over commercial and some educational films. I did an under-five for ALL MY CHILDREN once before this, too, and a couple for AS THE WORLD TURNS. I actually played one of the kids who bullied Will around when he first got on the show. Digest: It could have been Kevin! Always a bad influence.
Girolamo (laughs): Yeah, he’s been a bad kid since he got to Oakdale.Digest: What do you think of him?
Girolamo: Kevin’s a lot like me and a lot not like me [laughs]. I think it’s a fun part to play because a lot of people are guessing about him. I like to keep people asking. Digest: Luke has admitted he’s in love with Kevin. How do you feel about being part of this story?
Girolamo: It’s a good storyline. It’s something different and I think people are interested in something different. I’m happy to be a part of it. I’ll work as much as they need me. I love this part.

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